Mozilla 的编程语言Rust编译器安装

关于Rust,官网给的介绍:Rust is a systems programming language with a focus on type safety, memory safety, concurrency and performance. It is intended for writing large, high performance applications while preventing several classes of errors commonly found in languages like C++. Rust has a sophisticated memory model that enables many of the efficient data structures used in C++ while disallowing invalid memory access that would otherwise cause segmentation faults. Like other systems languages it is statically typed and compiled ahead of time.

Mozilla 目前正在开发一个新的编程语言,名为“Rust”,由web语言的领军人物Brendan Eich(js之父),Dave Herman以及Mozilla公司的Graydon Hoare 合力开发。

Rust语言教程 | Rust官网 | RustForWin0.4

$ wget
$ tar -xzf rust-0.3.tar.gz
$ cd rust-0.3
$ ./configure
$ make && make install