Android的驱动程序返回到Linux内核。内核维护者Greg Kroah-Hartman恢复在2010年春季发布Linux 2.6.33中删除的Android驱动程序,并将其放回到3.3版本的Linux内核。该计划是为了Linux 3.3内核能够不需要补丁,可以直接在Android设备上进行引导。

“Android drivers are returning to the Linux kernel. Kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has retrieved the Android drivers removed from the staging area of Linux 2.6.33 in the spring of 2010 andput them back into his development branch for version 3.3 of the Linux kernel. [...] The plan is for a Linux 3.3 kernel to be able to boot on an Android device without further patches.”