Finit — A fast plugin-based /sbin/init with service monitor

开源中国的翻译:Finit 是一个快速的基于插件结构的 /sbin/init 的服务器监控器,侧重于小型嵌入式 Linux 系统和无图形化环境的启动速度极快的服务器,在这种环境下配置很少改动。

作者的介绍:This is an extremely fast /sbin/init replacement with focus on small embedded GNU/Linux systems. Based on Claudio Matsuoka’s original finit with I/O, service and hook plugin extensions. The original was a reimplementation of the EeePC fastinit daemon based on its system calls with gaps filled with frog DNA.
In the world of finit we write C plugins that hook into and extend the main() loop of /sbin/init, this is what gives the system its raw performance and the user full control.
If you chose finit you know what you want, a fast no hassles boot!

Service monitoring
Restarting a service when it exits

Extend and modify finit behavior. See examples in plugins/ directory. Plugin capabilities:
.Service callbacks — should the service run/restart/stop?
.Hooks — hook into the boot at predefined points to extend finit
.I/O — listen to external events and control finit behaviour/services
Most extensions and functionality not purely related to what an /sbin/init needs to start a system from the original finit has been reactored into plugins with either hooks or I/O demands.